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Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Why aren’t I hearing back from employers?

Most of us have experienced the ups and downs of applying for a new job role, from the excitement of spotting an ad for your dream job to receiving a disappointing rejection email, and if you’ve been on the job hunting scene for a while, getting let down or not hearing back from employers at all can be an all too familiar feeling.
Here, we’ll be looking into the real reasons why you might not be getting that all-important call back from an employer.
Read on to find out more.

You haven’t tailored your resume
When you’re on the job hunt, it can be tempting to send one generic CV to all prospective employers, altering the name of the company as you send each email. However, tailoring your CV and cover letter to each role is a great way to show that you’ve read the job description, are aware of the kind of applicant they are looking for and are matched to the skills the job requires.

Your application didn’t stand out
Depending on the industry and position, it’s likely that a prospective employer will have a number of applications to file through. Perhaps your application didn’t make the cut because other applicants had a more attention-grabbing resume or cover letter? There might have been hundreds of people going for the same job, but if your application is either too long, boring or doesn’t let your personality shine, it might get lost amongst the crowd.

You forgot to follow up
Following up a week or so after a job application is a great way to make yourself known. Hundreds of job applications could push your CV to the bottom of the pile, so do follow up with an email no sooner than a week later, asking the prospective employer when you might expect to hear back.

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