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Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Top tips for your first week in a new job

We’ve all experienced the uncertainty of starting a new school or college, and it can feel just as daunting starting a new job role. Everyone wants to fit in at their new company, get settled in and feel like part of the team. So, how can you make this a reality and make your fears evaporate?
Read on for our top tips.

Introduce yourself
Making a good impression starts from the onset, so be sure to be enthusiastic about meeting your new colleagues. Take interest in what they do and ask any questions you might feel are relevant to your role to show that you’re eager to learn. Why not prepare a short script as a way of introducing yourself in a meeting? Telling your team a bit about yourself is a great way to come across approachable and friendly.

Get to know your surroundings
You might be starting your new job in a whole new city or part of town, or perhaps you are familiar with the area but are unsure of where everything is in the office? Your first week is a great time to get to know your surroundings and familiarise yourself with where everything is. Whether that’s taking a walk around the local area during your lunch break or asking a new colleague to show you where the communal kitchen or lunch hotspot is, finding your bearings is a good way to start your first week.

Be punctual
Proving you’re the right person for the job starts with the basics. Being on time for the job is a no-brainer and demonstrates to your employer that you’re there because you want to be.
There’s nothing worse than arriving at a new job late because of delayed public transport or heavy traffic. It’s a good idea, therefore, to find the best and quickest route to work- so do experiment ahead of time or during your first week.

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