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Monday, July 15th, 2019

Tips for writing a letter of resignation

Writing a letter of resignation is never easy, and whether you’ve decided that your current job just isn’t for you or you have been offered an exciting new job opportunity, it is unfortunately necessary.

Fortunately, with good planning, you can be confident in leaving your job with dignity and respect from your employer- which is why we recommend writing a great letter of resignation before you make your departure.

Here are our top tips:

Keep it short and concise

Although it might be tempting to include a list of reasons for leaving in your letter, it’s not always necessary. A meeting with your employer is the time to be more detailed in your reasons for leaving, whereas your letter should be short and precise. You should include a brief explanation of your reason for leaving in a clear and reasoned way.

Be professional and polite

Everyone wants to leave on good terms and keeping polite and professional is a great way to do so. Use formal tones in your letter and thank your employer for the opportunities you have had working there. Avoid bringing any negative comments into the letter, even if your reasons for leaving are not positive.

Refer to your contract

You should consider checking the terms of your contract before you write your letter of resignation. It should detail your notice period and therefore will help you in informing your employer of your last working day with them. You should state your willingness to work your full notice period, which is usually a month after you have informed your employer of your intention to depart.

End the letter on a positive note

Kind comments cost nothing and ending your letter on a positive note is always an acceptable way to leave on good terms.


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