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Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Strategies to boost your confidence in the workplace
For some of us, feeling confident in the workplace is no easy feat, especially if you’re starting
a new role. Whether you want to make a great impression in your new office, push for a new
promotion or simply feel better when you walk into work every day, here are our top tips to
boost your confidence in the workplace!

Think positive
If you’re already feeling nervous you’re probably likely to imagine the worst that could
happen. As impossible as it might seem, try and fill your mind with positive thoughts, such as
‘I can do this’ and ‘everything’s going to be fine.’ Just thinking like this can help to give you
the confidence boost you need!

Comparison is the thief of joy
We’re all guilty of comparing ourselves to that person in the office who always seems to
succeed, or that person on Instagram who seems to have had everything fall at their feet. It’s
important to remember that no one’s perfect, those people you compare yourself to are
probably facing their own insecurities. Comparing yourself to others will only serve to
damage your confidence. Why not use this situation as an opportunity for inspiration
instead? Ask those people you admire how they have been so successful in their career.

Get comfy
It might seem obvious, but you’ll find you feel a lot more confident when you feel relaxed and
comfortable. Listen to your best mood-boosting playlist and make a coffee in your favourite
mug. We’d recommend starting each day with your own routine that helps you feel to
confident and ready to tackle whatever’s thrown at you!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Too many of us make the mistake of thinking asking for help in the workplace makes us look
weak. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Employers appreciate you going to the
effort to really understand your role and the task at hand. Asking for help shows you aren’t
afraid to admit your shortcomings and want to learn and grow! At the end of the day,
everyone has to start somewhere and in the long run it’s better that you ask for help rather
than getting it wrong, which will have a negative impact on your confidence.

Is searching for a new job knocking your confidence? We can help. We offer a huge range of
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