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Friday, February 1st, 2019

Our top tips for hiring highly-skilled employees

 Even in today’s candidate driven recruitment climate, you can often find there is no shortage of applicants for your role, but suitability and relevance can be more problematic. As the way candidates find and apply for jobs has become much quicker and easier, thanks to the growth of social media and email, we’ve found that companies often receive an influx of applications that aren’t particularly relevant to their needs. So how do you cut through the noise and find the highly-skilled employees? Follow our top tips!

Develop an accurate job description

Be realistic in the job description about the skills you require and the responsibilities of the role. Highly-skilled workers are normally very aware of their strengths and are looking to take their career in a very specific direction. Not to mention, it’s also likely that you have very particular expectations for the position.

Carefully review cover letters and CVs

Recruitment is a time and energy consuming process, so when it comes to reading cover letters and CVs it can be tempting to quickly skim-read. We’d advise you against this. By taking a little more time to review the applications you receive you’ll be able to cherry-pick the skills, qualifications and experience you need and only call appropriate candidates in for interviews.

Ask for examples of previous work

If it’s appropriate for the position, ask for some examples of previous work. This is a great way to get a measure of a candidate’s skill level and gives you something to talk about if you call them in for an interview.

Look beyond qualifications

Hopefully, you’ll find you have a handful of employees who have exactly what you’re looking for on paper. They might have all the right qualifications, but often we find what makes a really valuable employee isn’t their degree subject or A-Level grades. That’s why we’d advise you to look beyond qualifications. Ask applicants about their hobbies outside of work, what they’re passionate about and what drives them.

We can help you find highly-skilled workers for your organisation. Our knowledgeable consultants can visit your location to sit with your team and gain a thorough understanding of your specific requirements before we begin our search. Unfortunately, we can’t create the perfect candidate, but we can maximise the exposure of the role and present you with individuals with the experience, qualifications and skills you require.

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