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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Is it time for UK businesses to set their tattoo bias aside?

A new survey by professional network LinkedIn found that over four in ten recruiters had
rejected a suitable individual because they had a tattoo (1) . It also found that nine in ten
recruitment professionals believed that visible body art could limit the career progression of a
candidate. However, with almost one in five UK adults now believed to have a tattoo, is it
time for recruiters and businesses alike to set aside their tattoo bias?

Top talent
This bias can create a prejudiced environment for candidates and significantly narrows the
talent pool for businesses to choose from. Of the recruiters surveyed by LinkedIn, 82% said
that discrimination against physical image is causing businesses to miss out on top talent.

According to the LinkednIn survey 46% of recruiters thought that tattoos showed a lack of
professionalism. Although we’re seeing an increasing number of candidates with tattoos, in
certain positions, particularly customer facing roles, they might still be deemed inappropriate,
along with extreme fashion choices such as multiple piercings or brightly dyed hair.

Changing attitudes
LinkedIn found that 60% of talent professionals believe that discrimination against tattoos
and physical image had decreased in the last five years. In recent times we’ve already seen
workplaces relax their attitudes to dress codes so it makes sense that more and more
businesses will set their tattoo bias aside especially if it means they can access more top

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(1) – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/looking-beyond-books-cover-dont-let-your-business-miss-rebecca-dre

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