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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

How to prepare for a phone interview

Some businesses will first want to conduct a telephone interview to gauge whether or not you as a candidate are what the company is looking for. After a phone interview, you might be invited to interview in person.
If you haven’t participated in a phone interview before or felt that a previous phone interview could have gone better, read on to find out our top tips for preparing for your telephone interview.

Re-read the job description

A great first way to prepare for a phone interview is to re-read and make notes on the initial job description. You want to be completely prepared for any question that you need to answer. Research the company and prepare to answer questions about why you’d be a good match for the company.
The great thing about phone interviews is that you can have notes to hand in case you need them. Why not write down some important bullet points about the job you’ve applied for, or any skills you might feel are relevant to the position?

Get comfortable

Interviews are stressful, and even if you’re not meeting a potential employer face-to-face initially, you might still feel nervous about the questions you may get asked.
Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, in a quiet environment prior to answering the call. A calm, quiet environment will help you to answer questions without the distraction of background noise.

Have your CV and cover letter to hand

The last thing you want to be doing on the phone to a potential employer is stumbling over your words or forgetting the relevant experience you have for the proposed role.
Make sure you either print out a copy of your CV or have it close to you on a computer screen so that you can easily refer to it if you are asked about any previous experience. It can be easy to forget significant dates or explain how you excelled in a specific task when put on the spot- by having your CV to hand you can easily scan through for any necessary information.

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