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Friday, October 25th, 2019

How to improve employee retention

No matter in which industry your business operates, employee turnover is inevitable. Whilst a lot of employee turnover cannot be prevented due to external reasons, internal factors can influence the length of an employee’s service time.

Employees are not obligated to stay in a role for a set period of time, but if you’re the owner of a business, you’re likely to want your employees to stick around in the long term. Businesses want a solid group of employees, ones who know the business through and through and people they can rely on to do an excellent job whilst also being able to train others to do the same.
If you’ve recently experienced a bout of high employee turnover, you might be trying to figure out where you’re going wrong and what you can do to improve it.
Read on to find out our two top tips for improving employee retention in your business.

Recruit to fit the company

Starting from the beginning; if you employ people that are a great fit with the business from the start, they’re more likely to have the same goals as your business and a vision of where they see themselves in the future. When hiring, look out for people who you believe will be a good match for your company in the long term. Looking for someone who takes an interest in growing your company and aspires to progress is a good way to ensure you’re hiring the right person.

Offer training and progression

Most candidates will want to know what their future might look like at the company, and if it’s not being provided in your business model, it can deter people from wanting a long-term career in your business. Whether it’s the implementation of training programmes to encourage further learning in your sector of work, or offering annual progression reviews- investing in your employees is a great way to encourage longevity.

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