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Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

How hard is it to return to work after a career break?
We’re seeing a distinct change in career paths. A few years ago, a big gap in your CV could
be seen as problematic but in recent times we’ve seen a rise in the number of people taking
sabbaticals to travel and taking a break from work to dedicate time to looking after their
children. Obviously returning to work will still be challenging but now it’s becoming more and
more common, it’s easier than ever before.
If you’re returning to work after a career break, follow our tips to make it easier!

Don’t underestimate the experience you gained from your time away
It’s unlikely that you sat around watching reality TV for the entire time you weren’t working.
What did you do during your career break? Remember that life experience is important in
any industry and the skills and perspective you gained during your time away could be
valuable to any business you join.

Don’t apologise for taking a break
Don’t apologise in job applications, interviews or when you start your new role, for taking a
break. Whether you took time out to explore the world or to start a family, you shouldn’t feel
guilt for choosing to do so, your career path is your choice.
In our experience, candidates that have taken a break from their career, often return with a
renewed passion and vigour for their work, which can only be a good thing in any industry!

Don’t try to be a superhero
After time away there will always be new things to learn and it’ll take some time to adjust
back into your working life. Don’t be a superhero and expect yourself to be perfect straight
away, remember that it takes time and don’t be afraid to accept help when you need it.
Are you returning to work after a career break? We can help make the daunting transition
much easier and help you find you a new role that you love! At Nicholas Howard, we believe
that as a candidate you should expect absolute honesty from your recruitment consultant.
We’ll discuss your requirements, qualifications, experience and career record with you and
devise a strategy to take you to market.

Contact Nicholas Howard today to find out more!

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