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Monday, March 11th, 2019

How can you compete with big brands to hire top talent?

Top talent can be hard to come by. To make matters worse a lot of the best, most skilled candidates are often snapped up by big brands who can offer impressive salaries. So how can you compete with big brands and well-known corporations to hire top talent?

Offer flexibility

We’ve noticed that smaller, more progressive companies are snapping up fantastic candidates by offering flexible working hours and conditions. If this is something you’re able to offer your team it’s an attractive benefit, especially for staff with children, and it shows that you’re a compassionate company who understands that their employees have a life outside of work.

Big responsibilities

A huge benefit of working for a smaller business is that employees can take on lots of different tasks and responsibilities. Ensure that any potential candidates are aware they’ll get the chance to try their hands at lots of different tasks, be trusted with big responsibilities and have input into guiding company strategy.

Promote internally 

In a large company, it can be easy for employees to feel as though they’re getting lost in the crowd. In a smaller organisation, staff will have more opportunity to have their work recognised and there’ll be much less competition for coveted promotions. Explain in interviews that candidates will have the chance to grow with the company, they’ll be empowered to gain hard and soft skills and explore new opportunities.

Make work meaningful

Research shows that 60% of millennials chose their employer based on their sense of purpose. If you can offer potential employees the chance to make a real difference while working for your business chances are they’ll find that more attractive than a larger salary working for a corporation they don’t care about.


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