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Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

6 body language tips for your next job interview

Have you got an important job interview coming up? Read our tips below to master the art of body language and give the best impression.

  • Make eye contact

Although you’ll probably want to avoid making eye contact for the entire interview, we recommend making eye contact where possible, especially when you’re speaking. Avoiding eye contact implies you’re submissive and nervous.

  • Nod your head

This might seem obvious, but nodding your head while listening shows attentiveness. It demonstrates to the interviewer that you’re both understanding and enjoying what’s being said.

  • Don’t fidget

Fidgeting in an interview will make you appear nervous or worse, distracted and bored! It might even irritate your interviewer which is the last thing you want. Read our next point for some advice on what to do with your hands instead.

  • Use hand gestures

Many of us struggle to know what to do with our hands when we’re in an interview situation. When we’re nervous, we’re more inclined to hide our hands, but this could be interpreted as distrustful behaviour. We’d advise you to use hand gestures while speaking. This will help you to come across as confident and articulate.

  • Show your palms

Did you know that your palms facing upwards, signals honesty and engagement? Experts say that if we’re speaking to someone and their palms are up, our limbic brain picks up the positivity and it makes us feel comfortable.

  • Practice power pose

This is a body language tip you can try before you even enter the interview. Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy, found that taking up a short ‘power pose,’ an open expansive stance, can actually change body chemistry and make people feel more confident. We recommend adopting a ‘power pose’ in the bathroom or outside the building your interview will take place in, to boost your confidence.

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