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Friday, August 24th, 2018

5 ways to attract talented graduates to your company

Every year more skilled and accomplished graduates enter the job market. By 2020,
millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce. Read on to discover what steps your
company can take to attract the top talented graduates.
Be visible

It may seem glaringly obvious, but in order to attract graduate talent to your company,
graduates need to know who you are. You can visit careers fairs at universities, offer work
experience and internships and build your brand on social media! If graduates are already
aware of your organisation before they finish university it’s more likely that they’ll look for
your company name when searching for a job.

Create a positive workplace culture
You don’t need gimmicks or expensive perks to attract top graduate talent to your company,
you need to create a positive workplace culture where your employees are happy and feel
valued. If your current staff love where they work they’ll tell their friends. Word travels fast so
this is an excellent way to promote your company and attract new talent.

Promote diversity
Understanding and promoting diversity in your workplace will help to attract talented
graduates to your organisation. But what’re the best ways to do this?
● Use objective, non-preferential language in any job listings
● Advertise any inclusive benefits you may offer such as healthcare, childcare and
parental leave
● Emphasise your commitment to diversity with a meaningful, inclusivity statement
● Put together diverse interview panels
● Include photos (and voices) of a diverse range of employees in your web and print

Provide a purpose
The majority of graduates won’t have a family to support. Research shows that they’ll
choose a sense of purpose over a large paycheque. How will they be making a difference
working for your company? What impact will their role have? This doesn’t mean that you
have to be a non-profit to attract graduate talent. It simply means that graduates want to see
the fruits of their labour. How will their work affect your business?

Express long-term interest
Don’t make the mistake of assuming graduates are looking for a short term position to bulk
up their CV. Make it clear that your business invests in its employees. Inform potential
candidates that this role will provide them with the opportunity to learn, grow and progress
with your organisation.

Nicholas Howard can help you find the top graduate talent for your company. We’ll review
the market with you, advise on the availability, cost and location of talent and dedicate
ourselves to bringing that talent into your business.
Contact us today to find out more http://www.nicholashoward.co.uk/contact/

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