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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

5 Signs its time to grow your team

If you’re someone who has a relatively new business or has found that demand has unexpectedly increased recently, you and your staff might find that there aren’t enough people in the company to deal with increased workloads. Making a decision to expand your team can be a nerve-wracking experience but is often essential to growing a business.

Here are five telltale signs that it’s time to expand your team.

  • Overwhelming workloads

One of the most obvious signs to look out for when considering growing your team is overwhelming workloads. Your team might have voiced concerns on meeting deadlines, or you might find that you yourself are working longer and longer hours to meet workloads.

  • Workforce stress

If your staff are stressed meeting the demands of the business it can have an impact on the quality of each person’s work. Forgetfulness, confusion and overall decreased quality of work can come with stress in a job, so hiring more people to spread out the workload is a great way to make the workplace more enjoyable for everyone and decrease the likelihood of mistakes.

  • Customer service

Increased workloads might affect your workforce’s ability to deal with customer queries and reviews. Consistency is key, so if you have noticed that this is happening, it might be time to analyse whether your business is understaffed.

  • Variety of skill sets

Not every area of the business can be covered by a small team and there are likely to be times where you need someone with a particular skill set to solve a problem. Investing in new employees that have a skill set beneficial to growing your business can be really worthwhile.

  • You’re turning down work

If you’re in a position where you’re turning down customers due to an increased workload, you’re missing opportunities to make money. By adding extra personnel to your team, you can be sure to take advantage of new work and progressively grow your business.

Looking to expand your team? At Nicholas Howard, our experienced recruitment consultants will sit with your team and gain an understanding of your requirements before embarking on finding the right person to join your business.

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