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Friday, October 5th, 2018

5 pieces of job interview advice you should probably ignore

When you’re looking for a new job it can often feel like everyone you meet has their own
particular tips and advice. But which advice is actually valuable and which should you
probably just ignore?

‘Just be yourself’
While society values ‘authenticity’ over everything, a job interview is a high stake situation so
it’s important that you are your best self. This means use appropriate language, avoid
anything too colloquial and definitely no swearing! If you find the conversation should swerve
into personal territory, avoid rambling and ensure that your anecdotes are crisp and clear.

‘Show off your accomplishments’
There’s a big difference between confidence and arrogance. While it’s important that your
interviewers know that you’re up to the job, it’s also essential that they’re sure you’ll work
well in their organisation. Be proud of your accomplishments but remain humble and make it
clear that you didn’t work on your own, who helped you along the way?

‘Prepare for every possible question’
Although it’s really important that you prepare for your interview, you’ll drive yourself crazy
trying to prepare for every possible question that you might be asked. We’d advise you
instead to plan some questions to ask yourself.

‘ Don’t overdress’
While it’s true that a lot of office dress codes are relaxed now, it’s not true across the board.
Although you might not need to dress up for a normal day in the office, it’s still important that
you dress appropriately smart for the interview. It will help you to make a better first
impression, demonstrate your respect for the people you’re meeting and show you’re taking
the opportunity seriously.

‘Once the interview is over, the ball’s in their court’
Once you walk out of the interview it’s tempting to take a sigh of relief and think there’s
nothing left for you to do. However, your work isn’t done when the conversation stops. We’d
advise you to follow up your interview with a polite and professional thank you email. A small
gesture like this (which requires minimum effort from you) speaks volumes about your
professionalism and drive.

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